Content Creation and Daily Usage on MacBook Pro M2 Pro 14 Inch: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you a proud owner of a MacBook Pro M2 Pro 14 inch and looking to maximize its potential for content creation and daily use? Look no furt...

Abdul Aziz Ahwan 6 Nov, 2023

Introducing Project IDX: A New Age of Cloud-based App Development

Today, as we immerse ourselves in the fast-paced world of application development, we find that complexities seem to multiply with every ste...

Abdul Aziz Ahwan 28 Sep, 2023

Is Fleet The VSCode Killer? Introducing the JetBbrains Fleet Public Preview - The Next-Generation IDE by JetBrains

Since the initial announcement of Fleet, we have had an overwhelming amount of interest from all of you, with over 137,000 people signing up...

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Designing Modern Dashboard UI Design with Flutter

Hi everyone. My name is Abdul Aziz Ahwan from Indonesia. In this post, we are gonna talk about Designing Modern Dashboard Screen UI Des...

Abdul Aziz Ahwan 6 May, 2020