Meet Zed - Code at the Speed of Thought

Zed - Code at the Speed of Thought

Introducing Zed, the high-performance, multiplayer code editor born from the minds behind Atom and Tree-sitter. Built for productivity and engineered with precision, Zed promises to redefine your coding experience. Let's delve into the key features that set Zed apart and make it the go-to choice for developers.

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Stay in Flow

Productivity Unleashed

Productive coding necessitates a tool that seamlessly integrates with your workflow. Zed achieves this delicate balance by combining the power of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with the responsiveness of a lightweight editor. The result? Productivity that you can tangibly feel at your fingertips.

Engineered for Performance

Zed takes performance seriously. It efficiently harnesses the capabilities of every CPU core and your GPU, ensuring instant startup, lightning-fast file loading, and instantaneous response to your keystrokes. The unyielding performance of Zed keeps you in the flow, making other tools feel sluggish in comparison.

Performance Benchmark: Open at the end of line 21 in rust-lang/regex. Type 'z' 10 times, measuring the display time for each 'z' since hitting the key.

Intelligence on Tap

AI-Powered Coding Assistance

Save valuable time and keystrokes with Zed's AI capabilities. Zed seamlessly integrates with GitHub Copilot and empowers you to generate or refactor code using GPT-4. A simple press of ctrl-enter, followed by a natural language prompt, allows you to interact conversationally with the model through the built-in assistant panel. Reference your conversation during inline code generation for a fluid coding experience.

Language-Aware Coding

Zed maintains a full syntax tree for every buffer as you type. This enables precise code highlighting, auto-indentation, a searchable outline view, and structural selection. Additionally, Zed supports the Language Server Protocol, providing autocompletion, code navigation, diagnostics, and refactorings.

In the Box

All-Inclusive Features

Integrated Terminal

Zed integrates a fully-featured terminal directly into the editor. This allows you to have shell access in the same space where you edit your code. The built-in dock lets you position and toggle the terminal as needed.

Vim Mode

For those who prefer Vim-style editing, Zed has you covered. With a searchable command palette, VS Code-style default bindings, and Vim-style modal editing, you can keep your fingers on the keys. Tooltips display key bindings for faster learning.


Zed ships with a variety of light and dark themes out of the box. As Zed evolves toward version 1.0, it promises to provide users with the ability to create their own themes or load themes created by others.

Connect with Your Team

Collaborative Coding

Zed facilitates real-time collaboration among multiple developers within a shared workspace. This enables nuanced conversations about any part of your codebase, whether it was committed last year or is still in progress.

A Virtual Office for Software Teams

Channels in Zed are dedicated spaces for discussing, planning, and writing software with your team. Each channel includes a shared document for note-taking and project tracking. Channels nest hierarchically for organization. Engage with collaborators in real-time using audio or text-based chat.

Learn more about channels here.

Work Across Machines

Zed enables you to work seamlessly on a teammate's project, as if the code were on your local machine. Navigate, edit, and interact with language servers with low latency, regardless of physical location.

Jump to a teammate's location, follow their code changes, or use built-in screen sharing to view documentation or experiment with an app in development.

Ability to Navigate Together

Beauty from Within

Engineering Excellence

Zed is not just a pretty face; it's built on a foundation of robust engineering and meticulous attention to detail. The following principles underscore the beauty within Zed:

Built Like a Video Game

Zed's breakthrough performance begins with the GPUI framework, a revolutionary approach to building 2D user interfaces. By rasterizing the entire window on the GPU, Zed delivers fast, reliable, and smooth pixel rendering on every frame, akin to a 3D video game.

Designed for the Multi-Core Era

Leveraging Rust's unique type system, Zed parallelizes work across multiple cores without compromising application stability. Copy-on-write data structures and Rust's expressive async primitives shift CPU-intensive tasks away from the main thread, ensuring unparalleled responsiveness.

Extensively Fuzz Tested for Stability

Performance means nothing without reliability. Zed undergoes extensive fuzz testing on critical code paths to identify and fix rare edge cases. By embracing controlled chaos in development, Zed achieves stability in production.

A Principled Approach to Syntax

Tree-sitter, an open-source parsing framework based on the theoretical foundation used in compilers, sets Zed apart. By using context-free grammars and incremental generalized LR parsing, Tree-sitter enables language-aware features previously exclusive to language-specific IDEs.

Every Buffer is a CRDT

Conflict-Free Replicated Data Types (CRDTs) are the backbone of Zed's collaboration features. Every buffer is a CRDT by default, ensuring data consistency in the face of concurrent mutations. CRDTs also play a crucial role in Zed's multi-threaded architecture.

From the Team

Zed Industries: Crafting Excellence

Zed Industries is a small yet passionate team on a mission to build the world's best text editor—for you and your team. Zed isn't their first venture; it's the culmination of over a decade of experience in building tools for developers.

The team's journey includes creating the hackable text editor, Atom, and the groundbreaking software platform, Electron, that spawned a new generation of desktop apps. Their contributions also extend to Tree-sitter, an advanced syntax parsing framework embraced by the most popular editors globally.

Now, with Zed, the team is embarking on a new adventure. Driven by the same passion and vision, they believe in the art of handcrafted software development and the transformative power of shared experiences.

In conclusion, Zed is more than just a code editor; it's a testament to the dedication of a team committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the realm of software development.

Experience the future of coding with Zed—where every keystroke is a step toward unparalleled craftsmanship.

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