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Meet Encrypted Notepad II: A Secure, Open-Source Text Editor

Introduction In an era where data privacy and security are paramount, finding reliable tools to protect sensitive information is crucial. E...

Abdul Aziz Ahwan 9 Jun, 2024

Meet Neovim: A Modern Hyperextensible Vim-based Text Editor

Neovim is a modern, community-driven project that seeks to improve upon the popular Vim text editor. It aims to achieve this by: Simplify...

Abdul Aziz Ahwan 7 Mar, 2024

Is Fleet The VSCode Killer? Introducing the JetBbrains Fleet Public Preview - The Next-Generation IDE by JetBrains

Since the initial announcement of Fleet, we have had an overwhelming amount of interest from all of you, with over 137,000 people signing up...

Abdul Aziz Ahwan 16 Oct, 2022