Meet Encrypted Notepad II: A Secure, Open-Source Text Editor


In an era where data privacy and security are paramount, finding reliable tools to protect sensitive information is crucial. Encrypted Notepad II is an open-source, secure text editor designed to provide simple yet robust encryption for your text files. As the successor to the original Encrypted Notepad, this application focuses on delivering industrial-strength encryption without compromising usability. Whether you are a casual user or a professional handling sensitive data, Encrypted Notepad II offers a straightforward solution for securing your text documents.

Background and Philosophy

Encrypted Notepad II is developed by a veteran of the open-source community, with a history of contributions dating back to the pre-GitHub era on SourceForge. The application is designed with a single goal: to be a Notepad-like text editor that saves and loads files encrypted with strong encryption algorithms. Unlike many modern apps, Encrypted Notepad II avoids bloat, ads, and unnecessary features. It operates without requiring network connections, providing a secure, offline environment for handling sensitive information.

The encrypted files are stored in PGP's symmetrically encrypted ASCII-armored format (.asc), ensuring compatibility with other tools that use the same standard. This simplicity and focus on security make Encrypted Notepad II a reliable choice for anyone needing to protect their text data.


Industrial-Strength Encryption

Encrypted Notepad II uses AES-256 encryption, a widely trusted and robust encryption standard. The files are stored in the OpenPGP ASCII-armored format, ensuring compatibility with other encryption tools. This format provides not only encryption but also tamper protection through the OCFB-MDC (Output Feedback Mode with Modification Detection Code) mode.

Simple, Familiar Interface

If you know how to use Windows Notepad, you can use Encrypted Notepad II. The application is designed to mimic the simplicity of Notepad, making it easy for users to adapt. There are no complex features or settings to navigate—just a straightforward text editor with the added benefit of encryption.

Cross-Platform Availability

Encrypted Notepad II is available for multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, and Android. While the source code is open and available on GitHub, pre-compiled binaries can be purchased for a one-time fee, providing lifetime updates and priority support. This model helps ensure the sustainability of the project.

No Dependencies or Proprietary Formats

The application works with traditional files, not internal databases or proprietary storage formats. Each document is saved as an individual encrypted file, eliminating the need for import/export processes. This approach simplifies file management and enhances security by avoiding potential vulnerabilities associated with complex data storage systems.

Open Source with a Business Model

While the source code of Encrypted Notepad II is freely available on GitHub, the binaries are sold to support the project's development. This approach combines the principles of open-source software with a sustainable business model, ensuring that the application can be maintained and updated over time.

Installation and Setup

Downloading Binaries

Pre-compiled binaries for Windows, Linux, and Android are available for purchase. By buying the binaries, users support the continued development of Encrypted Notepad II and receive lifetime updates and priority support. The binaries can be purchased here.

Building from Source

For those who prefer to build the application themselves, the source code is available on GitHub. To build Encrypted Notepad II, you will need Go 1.22+ installed. Clone the repository and follow the build instructions:

git clone
cd EncryptedNotepad2
go build

This process will generate the executable for your platform.

Encryption Details

Encrypted Notepad II uses AES-256 for encryption, which is a standard known for its strength and reliability. The files are saved in the PGP/OpenPGP .asc format, which is interoperable with other tools using the same standard. The OpenPGP format provides encryption and tamper protection, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of your data.

Encryption Algorithm and Mode

The encryption is performed using AES-256 in the OCFB-MDC mode, as dictated by the OpenPGP specification. This mode provides authenticated encryption with associated data (AEAD), ensuring that any tampering with the encrypted file is detected upon decryption.

Libraries Used

Encrypted Notepad II leverages several reputable cryptographic libraries to ensure robust encryption:

  • ProtonMail's libraries: Known for their secure email services, ProtonMail's cryptographic libraries are trusted and widely used.
  • CloudFlare's circl: A cryptographic library by CloudFlare, providing high-performance and secure cryptographic primitives.
  • Golang's x/crypto: Part of the official Go language libraries, offering a collection of cryptographic algorithms and utilities.

These libraries ensure that Encrypted Notepad II uses well-tested and secure cryptographic methods.

User Experience and Interface

Encrypted Notepad II aims to provide a user-friendly experience while maintaining strong security. The interface is designed to be minimalistic and intuitive, similar to the classic Windows Notepad. This familiarity makes it easy for users to start using the application without a learning curve.

Opening and Saving Files

To open an encrypted file, simply use the "Open" dialog, enter your passphrase, and the file will be decrypted and displayed in the editor. Saving a file involves entering a passphrase to encrypt the file. This process ensures that the file remains secure, even if it is copied or moved to another location.

Encryption and Decryption Workflow

The workflow for encrypting and decrypting files is straightforward:

  1. Creating a New Document: Start by typing your text as you would in any text editor.
  2. Saving the Document: When you save the document, you will be prompted to enter a passphrase. This passphrase is used to encrypt the file.
  3. Opening an Existing Document: To open an existing encrypted file, select the file from the "Open" dialog and enter the passphrase to decrypt it.

This simple workflow ensures that users can easily secure their documents without needing to understand the underlying encryption mechanisms.

Technical Architecture

Encrypted Notepad II is built using the Go programming language and the Fyne UI toolkit. This combination provides a powerful, cross-platform framework for developing desktop applications.

Go Language

Go is known for its performance, simplicity, and strong support for concurrency. These features make it an ideal choice for developing a secure and efficient text editor. The use of Go also ensures that the application is mostly statically compiled, reducing dependencies and simplifying distribution.

Fyne UI Toolkit

The Fyne toolkit is used for the graphical user interface. Fyne is a cross-platform UI library for Go, providing a consistent look and feel across different operating systems. It abstracts away the details of platform-specific UI components, allowing the developer to focus on the application logic.

The use of Fyne also means that the entire UI is bundled within the executable, resulting in a larger file size compared to traditional applications. However, this approach simplifies deployment and ensures a consistent experience across all platforms.

Security Considerations

When dealing with encrypted data, security is paramount. Encrypted Notepad II is designed with several security features to protect your data:

Passphrase Protection

The passphrase used to encrypt and decrypt files is never stored or transmitted. This ensures that the security of your files relies solely on the strength of your passphrase. It is recommended to use a strong, unique passphrase for each document to maximize security.

Tamper Detection

The use of the OCFB-MDC mode in the OpenPGP format provides tamper detection. If an encrypted file is modified, the decryption process will detect the tampering and fail, ensuring the integrity of your data.

Offline Operation

Encrypted Notepad II operates entirely offline, with no network connections required. This reduces the risk of remote attacks and ensures that your data remains private and secure.

Future Development and Community Involvement

The development of Encrypted Notepad II is an ongoing process, with improvements and new features planned based on user feedback. The open-source nature of the project encourages community involvement, allowing users to contribute to the development and enhancement of the application.

Planned Features

Future updates may include:

  • Improved User Experience: Enhancements to the UI and workflow to make the application even more user-friendly.
  • Additional Platforms: Potential support for OS X and iOS, based on user demand.
  • New File Formats: Support for additional encryption formats if there is sufficient interest and use cases.

Community Contributions

Users are encouraged to contribute to the project by:

  • Reporting Issues: Reporting bugs and suggesting improvements through the GitHub issue tracker.
  • Contributing Code: Submitting pull requests for new features or bug fixes.
  • Providing Feedback: Sharing feedback on the user experience and desired features.

The goal is to create a collaborative environment where the community can help shape the future of Encrypted Notepad II.


Encrypted Notepad II stands out as a simple, secure, and reliable text editor for anyone needing to protect their text data. With its focus on strong encryption, user-friendly interface, and cross-platform availability, it provides a valuable tool for both casual users and professionals. The combination of open-source principles with a sustainable business model ensures that the project can continue to grow and improve over time.

Whether you are looking for a secure way to store personal notes, protect sensitive information, or simply want a reliable text editor with encryption capabilities, Encrypted Notepad II offers a compelling solution. By supporting the project through purchasing binaries or contributing to the open-source codebase, you can help ensure the continued development and improvement of this valuable tool.

For more information, visit the [Encrypted Notepad II GitHub page](

EncryptedNotepad2), explore the documentation, and consider supporting the project by purchasing binaries and providing feedback. Together, we can create a more secure and user-friendly tool for protecting our data.

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