Discover Baserow: The Open Source No-Code Database Tool

In the realm of no-code tools, Baserow stands out as a powerful, open-source alternative to Airtable. It empowers users to create their own online databases effortlessly, without any technical expertise. This blog post will dive into what makes Baserow an excellent choice for anyone looking to streamline their data management processes.

What is Baserow?

Baserow is a no-code database tool that combines the simplicity of a spreadsheet with the power of a database. It’s designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to manage and organize data seamlessly within your browser. Whether you’re looking to track project progress, manage inventory, or collect data for research, Baserow provides a robust solution that doesn't require you to write a single line of code.

Key Features of Baserow

  1. Ease of Use: With its spreadsheet-like interface, Baserow is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it accessible even for those with no technical background.
  2. Self-Hosting: You can easily self-host Baserow with no storage restrictions. Start immediately without the need to sign up on
  3. Open Source: Baserow’s core features are open-source under the MIT License, allowing for both commercial and private use.
  4. API First: Baserow is designed to be headless and API-first, enabling integration with other applications seamlessly.
  5. Popular Frameworks: Built using Django, Vue.js, and PostgreSQL, Baserow leverages trusted and powerful frameworks and tools.

Why Choose Baserow Over Airtable?

While Airtable is a popular choice, Baserow offers distinct advantages, especially for those who prefer open-source solutions or require self-hosting capabilities. Unlike Airtable, Baserow does not impose storage restrictions and offers more flexibility in terms of customization and integration.

Getting Started with Baserow

Easy Installation Options

Baserow can be installed in various environments, making it versatile for different needs. Here are some ways to get started:

  • Docker: Simplify your installation with Docker.
  • Ubuntu: Follow the step-by-step guide for installation on Ubuntu.
  • Heroku: Deploy and scale Baserow effortlessly on Heroku.
  • Render: Install and scale on Render with ease.
  • Digital Ocean: Use Digital Ocean for a seamless Baserow experience.
  • Cloudron: Install and manage Baserow on your Cloudron server.
  • Railway: Quickly set up Baserow using Railway.
  • Elestio: Opt for a fully managed Baserow service by Elestio.

For detailed installation instructions, visit the official documentation.

Contributing to Baserow

Baserow thrives on community contributions. If you’re interested in contributing, you can set up a development environment with a few simple steps:

$ git clone
$ cd baserow
$ ./ --build

Visit http://localhost:3000 in your browser to see Baserow in development mode with hot code reloading and other features enabled. For more information, check out the development environment documentation.

Plugin Development

Baserow’s modular architecture allows for extensive customization through plugins. Whether you want to create new fields, views, applications, or endpoints, Baserow makes it possible. Get started with the plugin boilerplate and explore the possibilities.

Join the Baserow Community

Baserow is more than just a tool; it's a community. Join the conversation on the Baserow forum and explore opportunities to contribute. If you’re looking for a career opportunity, Baserow is hiring remotely. Check out the job openings for more details.

Become a Sponsor

Support the development of new features by becoming a GitHub Sponsor. Your sponsorship helps accelerate the growth and enhancement of Baserow. Become a sponsor today and contribute to the future of no-code databases.


Baserow is a versatile, open-source alternative to Airtable that offers robust data management capabilities without the need for coding skills. Whether you’re a developer looking for a customizable database tool or a business owner seeking an easy-to-use solution, Baserow has something to offer. Explore Baserow today and see how it can transform your data management processes.

Visit to get started and join the growing community of users and contributors.

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