Meet Authentik: Open Source Alternative to Auth0 and Okta

Meet Authentik: Open Source Alternative to Auth0 and Okta

In today's digital landscape, managing user identities efficiently and securely is paramount for any organization. With the ever-increasing complexity of IT environments and the rising demand for seamless user experiences, traditional solutions like Active Directory, Okta, and Auth0 may fall short in providing a unified identity management platform.

Enter authentik – the authentication glue you need to streamline and secure your identity management processes.

What is authentik?

authentik is an open-source Identity Provider designed to offer flexibility and versatility. Whether you need to integrate it into your existing environment, support new protocols, or implement various authentication features in your applications, authentik has got you covered.

Why Choose authentik?

Unified Platform

Replace disparate solutions like Active Directory, Okta, and Auth0 with a unified platform for all your identity needs. With authentik, you can bring together your external users and team members under one roof, simplifying administration and enhancing security.

Security Through Transparency

authentik's available source code ensures transparency and enables continuous security improvements. With independent industry experts using and testing the code, you can trust in the robustness of your authentication infrastructure.

Streamlined Pricing

Say goodbye to complex pricing models and hidden fees. authentik offers a straightforward pricing model, covering both B2B and B2C use cases. You'll no longer have to guess whether a feature is included in your subscription – everything is transparent and upfront.

Customizable Workflows

Build and customize authentication workflows in authentik according to your organization's needs, without limitations. And if the built-in features aren't enough, you can extend functionality through the API.

Get Started with authentik

Ready to experience the benefits of unified identity management? Installing authentik is easy. For small or test setups, Docker Compose is recommended, while larger setups can utilize the Helm Chart for Kubernetes deployment.

Visit authentik's documentation for installation instructions and start simplifying your identity management today!

Have questions or need assistance? Join our Discord community or explore our GitHub repository for support and updates.

With authentik, managing identities has never been easier. Experience the power of unified identity management – try authentik today!

Comparison with Other Solutions

Feature authentik Keycloak Microsoft ADFS Microsoft Azure AD Okta Duo Authelia
Protocol Support (Provider) SAML2, OAuth2/OIDC, SCIM, LDAP, RADIUS - - - - - -
Federation Support SAML2, OAuth2/OIDC, OAuth1, LDAP, SCIM - - - - - -
Use-cases Authentication, Enrollment, Self-service - - - - - -
Features MFA, Conditional Access, Open-source, Application Proxy, Device authentication/authorization - - - - - -

authentik stands out with its comprehensive protocol support, versatile features, and open-source nature, offering unmatched flexibility and security for your identity management needs.

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