PlanetScale: Modern Databases for Seamless Scale, Performance, and Developer Experience

PlanetScale is the world’s most advanced MySQL platform

In the fast-evolving landscape of technology, where data is king, databases play a pivotal role in ensuring that applications run seamlessly, reliably, and at scale. Introducing PlanetScale, the modern database platform that redefines the way developers interact with databases, combining scale, performance, and reliability without compromising on the developer experience.

Unveiling PlanetScale: A MySQL-Compatible Marvel

At its core, PlanetScale is a MySQL-compatible database designed to empower developers and businesses with cutting-edge features. Gone are the days of tough choices between scale, performance, and a smooth developer experience. PlanetScale offers an unparalleled solution that brings together the best of all worlds.

Key Features at a Glance

Familiar Workflows: Branch Your Schema Like Code

One of PlanetScale's standout features is its ability to let you branch your schema akin to branching your code. This familiar workflow allows developers to manage database changes effortlessly, promoting collaboration and efficiency.

Read-Only Regions: Replicate Data Across Multiple Regions

PlanetScale enables the replication of data across multiple regions seamlessly. This not only enhances performance but also provides a robust solution for disaster recovery and improved user experience across the globe.

Zero Downtime Imports: Effortless Onboarding

Getting started with PlanetScale is a breeze. The platform allows you to initiate zero downtime imports, ensuring a smooth transition without disrupting your existing database operations.

No Compromises: Unlimited Scale and High Performance

With PlanetScale, there's no need to compromise. The platform delivers unlimited scale and high database performance, eliminating the dilemma of choosing between the two. It provides the power of an enterprise-grade database without the complexities of management.

Unmatched Capabilities: Sharding, Deploy Requests, and Data Branches™

Sharding: Unlimited Scale and High Performance

PlanetScale's sharding capabilities redefine how applications handle scale. By keeping sharding logic out of your application with its underlying architecture, it renders MySQL connection limits obsolete. The platform features built-in connection pooling and edge infrastructure for optimal performance.

Deploy Requests: Bringing DevOps to the Database

PlanetScale seamlessly integrates DevOps workflows into the database. Deploy your schema to production without locking or downtime, thanks to non-blocking schema changes. Enjoy the flexibility of rolling back problematic schema changes instantly without any data loss.

Data Branches™: Branch Your Database Like Your Code

Bid farewell to staging environments with Data Branches™. This innovative feature provides an isolated copy of your database in the cloud, allowing for efficient testing and development without impacting the production environment.

Intelligent Monitoring

Intelligent Monitoring: Insights for Optimal Performance

PlanetScale ensures you never miss a beat with its intelligent monitoring capabilities. Fully integrated and offering real-time insights into your database performance, the platform eliminates the need for third-party application monitoring platforms.

Insights Highlights:

  • No Random Sampling: View 100% of your active queries.
  • Performance Alerts: Detect when your queries run slower than expected.

Learn more about Insights

Testimonials: What Our Customers Have to Say

PlanetScale's impact is best reflected in the words of our satisfied customers. Hear firsthand how businesses and developers are experiencing the revolution in databases.

Enterprise-Grade Security and Privacy Practices

Your data deserves the utmost security and privacy. PlanetScale adopts enterprise-grade security practices, ensuring that your business-critical information is protected against potential threats.

Your Business Deserves Predictability

In the dynamic world of technology, unpredictability is the last thing your business needs. Give your engineers the power they deserve with a PlanetScale database today. Experience a new era of database management that brings together scale, performance, and reliability in one harmonious package.

Ready to embark on a database revolution? Try PlanetScale now.

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