Flutter UI Tutorial - How to Convert Figma UI Design into Flutter Code using DhiWise | 100% Free

Flutter UI Tutorial - How to Convert Figma UI Design into Flutter Code using DhiWise | 100% Free

In a digital age where fast and efficient software development is the norm, tools and platforms that boost productivity without compromising on code quality are a boon. One such platform that's helping developers create quality applications at blazing speed is DhiWise.

What is DhiWise?

DhiWise is a programming platform that enables developers to transform their UI/UX designs into developer-friendly code for mobile and web apps. It automates the application development lifecycle and generates instantly readable, modular, and reusable code. With DhiWise, the process of copying hex-codes, fonts, and pixel values becomes a thing of the past, allowing developers to focus more on complex coding tasks.

The generated Flutter and React code leverages the power of 100% open-source libraries such as GetX, Connectivity, fluttertoast, Tailwind CSS, and more. As such, there are no libraries that are solely dependent on DhiWise, ensuring the stability and flexibility of your applications.

The platform is designed to emulate the experience of working in an IDE, making the user experience smooth and intuitive. With DhiWise, you can develop a wide range of applications, from basic to advanced, across various industry segments.

Turning Figma Designs into Code

One of the key features of DhiWise is the ability to import app designs directly from Figma, Adobe XD, or Sketch, or you can choose from a vast collection of templates and screen libraries.

Once you have your design ready, DhiWise's Smart Editor turns these designs into front-end code that you can customize as per your requirement. This eliminates the need for developers to constantly switch between Figma and their coding platform for design modifications.

More Than Just "Design to Code"

DhiWise doesn't stop at converting designs into code. The platform allows you to set up actions for your app, define the app’s navigation flow, manage runtime permissions, and user authentication, all in a simple and easy setup.

Data Binding

With DhiWise, you can connect your apps to your data sources faster than ever before. This allows your app to communicate with real-time data sources using APIs and backend services like Firebase and Supabase.

Git Sync and Deployment

The platform also offers Git Sync and Deployment functionality, allowing you to seamlessly integrate with your Git repositories. This ensures no vendor lock-in, giving you complete ownership of your creation.

Readable Code with No Dependencies

The code generated by DhiWise is clean, reusable, modular, and developer-friendly. It doesn’t have any dependencies, which minimizes code refactoring and makes the code easy to maintain and upgrade.

Pre-Built Designs

To make your job even easier, DhiWise offers a library of over 100+ templates and 1000+ screens. These can be customized using DhiWise’s Smart Editor, providing you a head start in the design process.

In conclusion, DhiWise is a robust and versatile platform that simplifies the development process by turning designs into usable code. It's a game-changer for developers looking to speed up their workflow without sacrificing quality. So why wait? Start building with DhiWise today!

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