Meet Penpot - An Open Source Figma Alternative

Penpot - Open Source Figma Alternative In the ever-evolving landscape of design and prototyping, collaboration and accessibility are key pil...

Abdul Aziz Ahwan 14 Feb, 2024

Exploring k6: A Modern Load Testing Tool from Grafana

k6 Load Testing from Grafana In today's digital landscape, where performance and reliability are paramount, load testing has become an i...

Abdul Aziz Ahwan 10 Feb, 2024

Cody - Your AI Coding Assistant

Cody AI Coding Assistant Embark on a coding journey like never before with Cody, the free and open-core AI coding assistant. Cody is not jus...

Abdul Aziz Ahwan 15 Jan, 2024

Navigating the Seas of Software Deployment: A Deep Dive into Docker's Uncharted Waters

In the bustling world of software development, where the code reigns supreme and innovation is the compass guiding every developer's jou...

Abdul Aziz Ahwan 9 Jan, 2024

2023 The Best Way to Recover Deleted Videos and Photos from SD Card on Phone

- 2023 The Best Way to Recover Deleted Videos from SD Card on Phone [4DDiG]: - Tenorshare 4DDiG Merry Christmas to yo...

Abdul Aziz Ahwan 29 Dec, 2022