Cody - Your AI Coding Assistant

Cody AI Coding Assistant

Embark on a coding journey like never before with Cody, the free and open-core AI coding assistant. Cody is not just your average coding tool; it's a versatile assistant that writes, fixes, and maintains your code effortlessly. By harnessing the capabilities of the Code Graph, Cody comprehensively understands your entire codebase, enabling you to write precise and efficient code.

Connecting seamlessly with popular codehosts like GitHub, GitLab, and IDEs such as VS Code and JetBrains, Cody becomes your personal AI coding assistant. Here are three key elements that Cody excels in:

  1. In-depth Understanding: Cody possesses a profound knowledge of your entire codebase, supplemented by an extensive understanding of open source code and a wealth of training data for code comprehension and problem-solving.

Getting Started

Start your coding adventure with Cody by choosing one of the available clients.

Main Features

Cody's key features include:

  • Autocomplete: Context-based code autocompletions for single lines or entire functions in any programming language, configuration file, or documentation.

  • Chat: Engage in a conversation with Cody about your code, utilizing Sourcegraph’s code graph for insightful responses.

  • Commands: Access quick, ready-to-use commands for common actions like adding code documentation, generating unit tests, and identifying code smells.

  • Debug Code: Leverage Cody's debugging capabilities to identify and rectify issues in your code.

What Data is Collected and How is it Used?

Cody collects data through prompts and responses, using it to enhance the user experience. Sourcegraph is committed to privacy, and you can learn more about Cody's usage and privacy policy here.

Compatible with Sourcegraph Products

Integrate Cody seamlessly with other Sourcegraph products, such as Code Search. Cody's chat allows you to pose questions about your codebase directly.

If you have any questions or need assistance, the Cody community is ready to help on GitHub discussions, Discord, or Twitter.

Cody Quickstart Guide

Learn how to maximize Cody's potential with a quickstart guide in your VS Code editor. Perform tasks like generating unit tests, identifying errors, and adding documentation to code snippets.


  • Ensure the Cody extension is installed in your VS Code editor.

  • Have a Free or Pro account through or a Sourcegraph Enterprise account.

  • Open a project in VS Code.

Getting Started with the Cody Extension and Commands

After installing the extension, access Cody's panel via the side activity bar. Utilize Cody's commands through various methods, enhancing your coding experience.

Working with the Cody Extension

Follow along with a JavaScript function example that converts a given date into a human-readable description of the time elapsed. Cody helps you generate unit tests, suggests bug fixes, and adds code documentation.

  1. Generate a Unit Test: Ensure code quality by quickly generating unit tests for highlighted code snippets.

  2. Suggest Bug Fixes and Changes: Let Cody identify bugs and suggest improvements based on failed unit tests.

  3. Ask Cody to Add Code Documentation: Enhance code readability by letting Cody add well-crafted comments.

Try Other Commands and Cody Chat

Explore Cody's extensive capabilities, including explaining code snippets, refactoring code, translating code to different languages, answering general questions about your code, and writing context-aware code with a broader awareness of the codebase.

Unlock the potential of your coding experience with Cody. Visit Sourcegraph to dive into the future of code intelligence.

Source: Sourcegraph

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