What's new in Firebase at I/O 2024

Greetings from Google I/O 2024! We’re thrilled to introduce the latest innovations in Firebase that are designed to empower developers to build and run AI-powered experiences effortlessly. Let's dive into the exciting updates and features that are set to transform your app development journey.

A Look Back at Firebase’s Evolution

Since its inception, Firebase has been instrumental in helping developers accelerate app development and ensure reliable app performance. With tools like Realtime Database and Remote Config, Firebase has simplified complex tasks and enabled developers to focus on what matters most – creating exceptional apps. Today, we are excited to unveil the next step in Firebase’s evolution, making AI accessible throughout your app development process.

Introducing Firebase Data Connect: PostgreSQL Integration

We are excited to announce Firebase Data Connect, a new product that brings PostgreSQL to Firebase. Recognizing the need for relational data models, Data Connect allows you to connect your app directly to a PostgreSQL database hosted on Cloud SQL. With this, you can define your data model, queries, and mutations using a concise language based on GraphQL.

Key Features of Firebase Data Connect

  • Seamless Integration: Connect your app to a PostgreSQL database hosted on Cloud SQL.
  • Query Defined Infrastructure: Automatically generate and synchronize your database, API server, and SDKs based on your data model and queries.
  • AI-Driven Capabilities: Auto-generate vector embeddings and execute KNN queries, facilitating the integration of generative AI features.

Data Connect is currently in private preview. Join the preview waitlist to get early access and start exploring its capabilities.


Firebase Genkit: Simplifying AI Integration

To further streamline AI integration, we are introducing Firebase Genkit. This AI integration framework helps developers build sophisticated AI features with ease, using libraries, plugins, powerful AI models, vector stores, and more. Genkit supports server-side development in TypeScript, with Go support coming soon.

Benefits of Firebase Genkit

  • AI Libraries and Plugins: Access tools and models to compose AI-driven workflows.
  • Developer Tooling: Run, evaluate, and debug AI features locally.
  • Scalable Deployment: Deploy with Cloud Functions for Firebase or Cloud Run.

Explore the Genkit documentation to get started.

Vertex AI for Firebase SDKs: Direct AI Model Access

The new Vertex AI for Firebase SDKs enable you to call AI models directly from your app clients, with support for Kotlin, Swift, Dart, and JavaScript. Integrated with App Check, these SDKs ensure secure interactions with the Gemini API from Vertex AI.

Key Features

  • Client-Side AI Calls: Invoke AI models directly from mobile and web apps.
  • Enhanced Security: Protect against threats with App Check integration.

Learn more about Vertex AI for Firebase SDKs.

Next-Generation Firebase App Hosting

We’re excited to launch our next-generation Firebase App Hosting, a serverless web hosting solution that supports modern frameworks like Angular and NextJS. Built on Google Cloud services like Cloud Run, it automatically sets up the necessary infrastructure based on your source code.

Advantages of Firebase App Hosting

  • Framework-Aware Hosting: Optimized for modern web frameworks.
  • Server-Side Rendering: Supports server-side rendering for dynamic web apps.
  • Scalable and Secure: Enterprise-grade scalability and security.

Discover how to get started with Firebase App Hosting.

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Enhanced Release Monitoring and AI Insights

To help you manage and monitor your app releases effectively, we’ve enhanced Remote Config and Crashlytics with new capabilities.

Remote Config Feature Rollouts

Easily perform targeted or incremental feature rollouts with integrated monitoring to evaluate real-world performance and make informed decisions.

Release Monitoring Dashboard

Our revamped dashboard, powered by Crashlytics, provides real-time data on app releases, including version adoption, active users, crash-free users, and more. Compare metrics from different builds to understand historical stability.

AI Assistance in Crashlytics

Using Gemini, you can now generate AI insights for crash and error analysis directly within Crashlytics, offering explanations, debugging tips, actionable steps, and best practices.

What’s Next

We’re committed to helping you build and run modern, AI-powered apps with Firebase. Check out the latest Firebase codelabs, watch our YouTube Shorts, and explore the new Google I/O talks available on May 16th.

Stay tuned to the Firebase blog for deep dives into these updates, and join the Firebase community to share your feedback and experiences. Let's build the future of app development together!

For more detailed information, visit the official Firebase website and start exploring the new features and updates today!

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