Rive Renderer now open source and available on all platforms

Rive Renderer now open source and available on all platforms

Exciting news for developers and designers alike! The Rive Renderer, a custom-built solution tailored specifically for Rive content, animation, and runtime, is now officially open source and available across all platforms. This groundbreaking development promises to usher in a new era of animation and vector graphics, delivering unprecedented rendering speed and pristine visual quality.

A Game-Changing Renderer

The Rive Renderer represents the culmination of two years of intensive development, meticulously crafted to provide unparalleled performance and flexibility. With its custom-built architecture, the Rive Renderer offers full control over the rendering process, ensuring that every animation and vector graphic is displayed with blazing-fast speed and exceptional clarity.

One of the most remarkable features of the Rive Renderer is its ability to achieve a silky-smooth 120 frames per second (fps) animation, coupled with pristine antialiasing quality. This means you can fill the screen with vector graphics and text, confident that every element will animate seamlessly and look stunningly crisp.

Empowering Designers and Developers

By providing designers and developers with a powerful rendering engine tailored specifically for Rive content, the Rive Renderer eliminates the need to compromise on performance or visual quality. Designers can now focus on creating captivating animations and vector graphics, without worrying about how they will perform at runtime.

Why Now?

The decision to develop the Rive Renderer stems from the need to overcome the limitations of existing rendering solutions. While Rive initially relied on open source renderers like Skia and the HTML Canvas API, the lack of a dedicated and optimized renderer posed significant challenges for Rive's product roadmap and innovation efforts.

By introducing the Rive Renderer, Rive can now implement highly requested rendering features across all supported platforms, without being constrained by the limitations of third-party renderers.

What's Next?

With the launch of the Rive Renderer, the possibilities for animation and vector graphics are virtually limitless. The Rive team is eager to explore new effects and features, such as blurs, drop shadows, glows, tapered strokes, and more. Users are encouraged to share their feature requests with the Rive team via email to help shape the future development of the platform.

How It Works

From a technical standpoint, the Rive Renderer employs a novel geometric reduction technique to convert antialiased vector paths into unique triangle patches. This approach leverages the parallel processing capabilities of modern GPUs, allowing for efficient rendering of complex Bézier curves.

While developers can still utilize third-party renderers with Rive, enabling the Rive Renderer ensures access to unique features and the best overall experience. Detailed instructions for enabling the Rive Renderer on iOS, Android, and the Web can be found on the official documentation.

Get Started Today

Ready to experience the power of the Rive Renderer? Head over to Github to explore the open source repository and take the Rive Renderer for a spin. Additionally, be sure to check out the Unity and Unreal runtimes with integrated support for the Rive Renderer, with more integrations slated for release in the near future.

Join us in revolutionizing animation and vector graphics with the Rive Renderer – the future of digital design is here.

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