Meet Novu - Open Source Notification Infrastructure for Developers

Meet Novu - Open Source Notification Infrastructure for Developers, an open-source notification infrastructure, empowers developers with simple components and APIs to manage all communication channels seamlessly. From Email and SMS to Direct, In-App, and Push notifications, provides a unified solution for streamlined communication.

Used by Innovative Companies Worldwide is trusted by innovative companies globally, offering a robust platform for efficient communication management.

How it Works

1. Create Template

Create notification templates by selecting channels, adding dynamic content using {{dynamic}} syntax, and implementing custom rules to control delivery.

2. Connect Providers

Easily connect with popular providers like Sendgrid, Mailgun, Twilio, and more. Simply add API keys, and you're ready to go.

3. Add Trigger

Send event triggers using community-built SDKs, and will handle the rest.

Key Features

1. Digest

A digest engine aggregates multiple events into a single, precise notification.

2. User Preferences

Manage user preferences and subscriptions across channels using Novu API, with included UI components.

3. Priority Management

Centralize communication channels such as Email, SMS, Direct, Push, and more.

4. Monitoring

Debug deliverability and analyze sending patterns across multiple channels.

5. Content Management

Manage content for all channels and multiple languages without redeploying code.

6. Timezone Awareness (Coming Soon)

Send transactional notifications based on user's timezone and working hours.

Build a real-time notification center using's embeddable components or connect your custom UI with the notification feed API.

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Component-Based Approach follows an API-first approach, allowing developers to use only what they need, when they need it.

Get Started

An Infrastructure That Speaks Your Language

Explore community-built server-side SDKs for your preferred programming language.

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Ready to Send Your First Notification?


Run locally with docker-compose.

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