Floorp Browser: Experience Unlimited Customization, Privacy, and Flexibility

Floorp Browser: Experience Unlimited Customization, Privacy, and Flexibility

Welcome to Floorp Browser, an innovative web browser built on Firefox with a focus on providing excellent privacy and flexibility. Whether you're tired of standard browsers or seeking a new level of customization, Floorp has you covered.

Key Features

1. Strong Tracking Protection

Floorp comes with robust tracking protection, shielding users from various malicious trackers on the web. It also includes fingerprinting protection, enhancing your online privacy.

2. Flexible Layout

Enjoy unlimited layout customization with Floorp. Move the tab bar to the bottom of the window, hide the title bar, and more. Tailor Floorp to meet your specific preferences and create a browsing experience that suits you.

3. Switchable Design

In addition to the standard Firefox theme customization, Floorp offers five different interface designs, including OS-specific themes. Switch between designs to find the one that resonates with your style.

4. Regular Updates

Built on Firefox ESR, Floorp ensures regular updates every four weeks. Stay up-to-date with the latest features and security enhancements, with updates provided before each Firefox release.

5. No User Tracking

Floorp respects your privacy. It doesn't collect personal information, track users, or sell user data. There are no affiliations with advertising companies, ensuring a private and ad-free browsing experience.

6. Completely Open Source

The source code for Floorp is fully public, allowing transparency and community-driven development. Both the browser and its build environment are open source, fostering collaboration.

Getting Started

💻 Supported Operating Systems & Requirements

Floorp Browser is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Installation is straightforward, either through the installer or by extracting the archive. Check the official website for detailed instructions.

📥 Download & 📦 Install

Download the latest version of Floorp Browser from the official website or GitHub Releases. Follow the installation instructions based on your operating system.

Contribution and Support

💕 Sponsorship

Floorp Browser is a free and open-source project. Consider sponsoring to support ongoing development and cover server costs.

🌟 Special Sponsors

Special thanks to CubeSoft, Inc. for their sponsorship.

📄 Documentation

Explore the Floorp Documentation Wiki for detailed information and guidance.

📧 Contact

📜 Privacy Policy

Review the privacy policies for both Ablaze and Floorp to understand data handling practices.

Contributing to Floorp

Floorp welcomes contributions, whether it's writing code, translating, reporting bugs, or other forms of support. Check the Contribution Guidelines for more details.

Floorp License Notices

Floorp utilizes various open-source projects, and detailed license notices are available in the Floorp License Notices document. It's important to acknowledge the contributions of these projects to Floorp's development.

Experience the Future of Browsing with Floorp

If you're looking for a browser that values privacy, customization, and community-driven development, Floorp is the ideal choice. Download Floorp Browser today and embark on a browsing experience tailored to your preferences.

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