Google Bard Finally Gets a Free AI Image Generator

Gemini Pro in Bard

In a groundbreaking move, Google Bard is rolling out an array of new features, making its AI capabilities even more accessible and versatile. From expanding Gemini Pro language support to introducing AI image generation, these updates are set to revolutionize the way users interact with Bard across the globe.

Gemini Pro Goes Global

Last December, Google introduced Gemini Pro into Bard in English, elevating Bard's understanding, reasoning, summarizing, and coding abilities. Building on this success, Gemini Pro in Bard is now available in over 40 languages and more than 230 countries and territories, making it a powerful collaboration tool for users worldwide. The Large Model Systems Organization, a prominent evaluator of language models and chatbots, recognized Bard with Gemini Pro as one of the preferred chatbots globally, showcasing a "stunning leap" in performance.

Double-Check Your Responses in Over 40 Languages

Responding to user demand for verification, Google is expanding its double-check feature to more than 40 languages. Already utilized by millions in English, this feature allows users to corroborate Bard's responses by clicking on the "G" icon. Bard will assess whether there is supporting or contradicting information across the web, providing users with a comprehensive understanding of the information presented.

AI Image Generation Unleashed Worldwide

One of the most exciting updates is the introduction of AI image generation in Bard. Users can now unleash their creativity by generating images in Bard in English across most countries, all at no cost. Powered by the advanced Imagen 2 model, this feature aims to balance quality and speed, delivering high-quality, photorealistic images. Simply input a description, such as "create an image of a dog riding a surfboard," and watch Bard generate custom visuals to bring your idea to life.

Responsibility in Image Generation

Aligning with Google's AI Principles, image generation in Bard is designed with responsibility in mind. To distinguish visuals created with Bard from original human artwork, the technology employs SynthID to embed digitally identifiable watermarks into the pixels of generated images. Rigorous technical guardrails and safety measures in training data aim to limit the generation of violent, offensive, or sexually explicit content, along with filters to avoid creating images of named individuals. Google is committed to continually investing in new techniques to enhance the safety and privacy protections of its models.

A More Helpful and Globally Accessible Bard

With these updates, Google Bard is positioned as an even more helpful and globally accessible AI collaborator. Whether users are embarking on big, creative projects or tackling everyday tasks, Bard promises to be a reliable and innovative companion. Explore the enhanced capabilities of Google Bard today at, and witness the future of AI collaboration.

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