Deno: The Next-Generation JavaScript Runtime

Deno - Next-generation Javascript runtime


Deno, a revolutionary JavaScript runtime, stands out as the most productive, secure, and performant platform for modern programmers. Trusted by major organizations and boasting a vibrant community of over 250,000 active developers, Deno is reshaping the landscape of front-end development.

Upgrade from Node.js to Deno

Whether deploying with the lightning-fast Deno Deploy or on other cloud providers, Deno enhances the developer experience. Let's explore what makes Deno the preferred choice:

Deno Features

  • Millions of Community Modules: Deno offers compatibility with Node.js built-in APIs and over two million modules on npm. Enjoy the best of the Node.js ecosystem within Deno.

  • Built on V8 JavaScript Engine: Deno is built on the powerful V8 JavaScript engine, ensuring high-performance execution of JavaScript code.

  • Web Standard APIs: Deno provides web standard APIs, maximizing code reuse between the browser and the server, future-proofing your code.

  • Runtime Security by Default: A program run with Deno has no file, network, or environment access unless explicitly enabled, ensuring security by default.

  • Built-in TypeScript, JSX, Formatter, Linter, and Test: Deno comes with built-in support for TypeScript, JSX, code formatting, linting, and testing, streamlining the development process.

  • Easily Embeddable with Rust and Tokio: Deno is easily embeddable with Rust and Tokio, offering developers flexibility in their tech stack.

Secure by Default

Deno takes security seriously, and a program run with Deno has restricted access to the file system, network, and system environment by default. This proactive approach prevents supply chain attacks, alleviating concerns about unexpected vulnerabilities introduced by npm modules.

Batteries Included

Deno equips developers with everything they need to build, test, and deploy applications:

Code Linter

Deno ships with a built-in code linter, aiding developers in avoiding bugs and code rot. Learn more

Standalone Executables

Deno.serve((req) => new Response("Hello!"));

Create standalone executables from your Deno program, supporting cross-compiling for various platforms. Learn more

Test Runner

Deno.test("1 + 2 = 3", () => {
  const x = 1 + 2;
  console.assert(x == 3);

Deno provides a test runner and assertion libraries as part of the runtime and standard library. Learn more

Code Formatter

$ deno fmt --line-width=120

Deno's built-in code formatter, based on dprint, beautifies JavaScript, TypeScript, JSON, and Markdown. Learn more

Built for the Modern Web

Deno actively participates in TC39 and WinterCG to advance web technologies collaboratively and openly. Deno provides web standard APIs, maximizing code reuse between the browser and backend.

Consistent Code from Browser to Backend

import express from "npm:express@4";

const app = express();

app.get("/", function (_req, res) {

app.listen(3000, () => {
  console.log("Express listening on :3000");

Millions of Community Modules

Deno is backward compatible with Node.js built-in APIs and supports over two million modules on npm. Transition seamlessly and bring the best of the Node.js ecosystem to Deno.

High-Performance Networking

Deno offers out-of-the-box support for HTTPS, WebSocket, HTTP2, and automatic response body compression.

Deno.serve(req => new Response("Hello world"));

Bigger is Better

Built for the Cloud

Whether deploying with Deno Deploy or on other cloud providers, Deno streamlines the development and deployment experience.

Deno Deploy

The easiest way to host Deno projects globally, Deno Deploy offers:

  • Globally distributed hosting
  • Quick deployment in seconds
  • Built-in key/value database (Deno KV)
  • GitHub integration for CI/CD
  • Support for static sites, apps, and edge functions
  • One-click immediate rollbacks

Seamless Persistence with Deno KV

The Deno runtime ships with Deno KV, a key/value database designed for globally distributed applications. Transition seamlessly from development to production on Deno Deploy with no API keys or infrastructure to configure.

Dive into Deno Code

Explore Deno code, use available resources, and engage with the vibrant community.

function handler(_req: Request): Response {
  return new Response("Hello, World!");


Code Examples

Explore and implement Deno code examples.


Fresh is a modern web framework designed for the Deno runtime on edge servers, focusing on speed, reliability, and simplicity.


Built on top of Fresh, SaaSKit includes authentication, billing, and more. Features include user authentication with OAuth 2.0, recurring payments with Stripe, pre-built sessions and authorization, and fast, lightweight persistence with Deno KV.

Our Vibrant Community

Join the growing community of developers who have embraced Deno:

  • "Deno is building the fastest, most secure, and personalizable JS runtime!" - Manu (Qwik)
  • "Deno's security model is PERFECT for this type of script." - Wes Bos

  • "Deno is fantastic. It is the easiest way to get going." - Stefan Arentz

Ready to Get Started with Deno?

Embrace the future of JavaScript development with Deno. Visit Deno Official Website to dive into Deno, explore documentation, and join the vibrant community shaping the next generation of JavaScript runtime.

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