Meet Holocron - An Editor for Docusaurus Website

Holocron - Markdown CMS

An Editor for your Docusaurus Website

Holocron introduces a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor for Markdown, seamlessly synchronizing with GitHub to enable documentation creation for both techies and non-techies alike.

Write, Edit & Publish with Ease

Holocron serves as a comprehensive platform for creating, editing, and publishing Markdown documentation. It integrates seamlessly with any codebase, facilitates easy collaboration, and ensures continuous synchronization with your GitHub repository.

10x Faster Onboarding

Holocron eliminates the need for non-technical team members to learn Git, Markdown, or VSCode. The result? A 10x faster onboarding process, enabling quick and efficient contributions.

Sync with GitHub

Sync with GitHub

Holocron effortlessly synchronizes changes back to GitHub, ensuring a streamlined workflow for teams. It listens for any alterations made directly on GitHub and offers automatic conflict resolution.

Real-time Collaboration

Real-Time Collaboration

Supporting popular website generators like Docusaurus, Mkdocs, Nextra, Vitepress, and custom codebases, Holocron enables real-time collaboration for your entire team.

Own Your Content

Own Your Content

Holocron advocates for the ownership and control of your content. By avoiding reliance on third-party platforms, your valuable documentation remains securely stored alongside your code on GitHub.

The Holocron Difference: A Tale of Before and After

Without Holocron

  • Initiating Edits: Download the repository, edit files manually, and navigate the complexities of markdown.

  • Onboarding Hassles: Non-techies struggle with Git, VSCode, and markdown, leading to slower onboarding.

  • Publishing Prowess: Requires staging, committing, and pushing changes with Git, leading to potential errors and downtimes.

With Holocron

  • Seamless Onboarding: Users sign up to Holocron, providing an intuitive platform for immediate contributions.

  • Real-Time Editing: Team members collaboratively edit documentation in real-time, eliminating the need for manual Git commands.

  • Effortless Publishing: A simplified process through Holocron streamlines publishing without downtime risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Markdown features are supported?

Holocron supports commonmark Markdown and MDX. MDX code is editable with an embedded code editor.

How does the GitHub Integration work?

Every Holocron editor change triggers a new commit on your repository in a separate branch, ensuring traceability and version control.

How do I publish my docs to a website?

Holocron seamlessly integrates with static site generators using Markdown, such as Docusaurus, facilitating a smooth publishing process.

Do you support real-time collaboration?

Yes, Holocron utilizes Conflict-Free Replicated Data Types (CRDTs), allowing all team members to edit documentation concurrently in real time.

Experience the future of documentation with Holocron — where writing, editing, and collaborating on Docusaurus websites become an intuitive and efficient process. Say goodbye to onboarding challenges and embrace a platform that empowers your entire team.

Get Started with Holocron

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