How to Copy CSS From Any Website using CSS Scan

CSS Scan Copy Any CSS From Website

Say farewell to the traditional "Inspect Element" routine – CSS Scan 3.0 is here to transform how you check and copy CSS effortlessly. This latest version introduces groundbreaking features that make inspecting and copying styles a breeze, with a limited-time offer for a 44% discount until January 26th.

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Elevating CSS Inspection

CSS Scan 3.0 presents a paradigm shift in CSS inspection. It's not just about checking; it's about understanding and copying styles with unmatched speed and precision.

Key Features:

1. Lightning-Fast Performance

CSS Scan 3.0 is engineered for speed, delivering an unparalleled performance. It outpaces traditional tools, standing as ten times faster than Postman and seven times faster than Insomnia when making HTTP requests.

2. Privacy-First Approach

At CSS Scan, your data is your data. The tool ensures that every CSS request made is lightning fast and 100% private. No logins, no tracking – just a seamless experience.

3. Enhanced AI Integration

The introduction of AI integration takes CSS Scan to new heights. Now, understanding and copying CSS is not just efficient; it's also smarter. Let the AI handle the mundane tasks while you focus on the big picture.

4. Seamless Workflow

CSS Scan simplifies your workflow:

  • Easy and Lightspeed Inspection: No more digging through infinite CSS rules. Get all the active styles on the fly, saving valuable time.

  • Copy Any Element: Click and copy the CSS of any element instantly. CSS Scan captures child elements, pseudo-classes, and media queries effortlessly.

 Featured on Product Hunt

CSS Scan has earned recognition from industry leaders, including Smashing Magazine, CSS Tricks, Hacker News, MacGeneration, and t3n.

How CSS Scan Works

Never Open "Inspect Element" Again

CSS Scan eliminates the need to open "Inspect Element" repeatedly. It's the smartest browser extension for CSS inspection, ensuring no redundant or longhand CSS.

Point, Inspect, Copy

  1. Open the Extension: Simply click on the extension icon in your browser's toolbar.
  2. Hover Over Any Element: Instantly get the CSS code by hovering over the desired element.
  3. Click to Copy: Copy the code with a single click or press the space bar to pin and edit. Effortlessly copy thousands of elements in one go.

Learn from Your Favorite Websites

Ever wondered how your favorite websites are styled? With CSS Scan, you can analyze CSS on the fly. Try it on this page for FREE.

Export Elements to Codepen

Extract the HTML and CSS of elements and their child elements as whole components. Save these Codepen snippets on the cloud and build a collection of beautiful elements for your projects.

Convert CSS to Tailwind CSS ✨ NEW

CSS Scan now introduces the ability to convert thousands of elements from regular CSS to Tailwind CSS with a single click. Save months of work by converting existing styles to Tailwind CSS effortlessly.

This is optional. To turn it on: Options › Other copying preferences › Convert copied CSS to Tailwind CSS. Also choose: HTML Code › Copy it.

Works Everywhere. On Every Website.

Whether you're on Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, React, or any other platform, CSS Scan runs as a browser extension. It works on any website, theme, or framework, and it even works offline! Choose your favorite browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

🎉 Media Queries, child elements and more! Check What's New in 3.0

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit the CSS? Yes! Press the space bar, click on the CSS code inside the window, and make real-time changes.

How can I select the right element? Navigate through the DOM tree using arrow keys to inspect parents, siblings, and child elements.

Does it copy :hover styles? Certainly! CSS Scan copies all CSS pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements, including :hover, :before, :after, :focus, etc.

Does it copy media queries? Yes, it copies all media queries in a single click, saving time and preserving responsiveness.

Will it work on my website? Absolutely. CSS Scan is a browser extension, compatible with any website, framework, plugin, library, or theme.

How can I pause the scan? Click on the "Pause" button or simply press the Shift key.

How long does the license last for? Forever? Indeed, it's a lifetime deal (LTD). Purchase once and use it forever.

Can I use my license on more than one device? Yes, each license allows 3 simultaneous activations, manageable at [](

Can I try it for free? Certainly! Try the demo for free on this website and on a desktop. Click here to try it.

How can I keep the styles on the screen? Press the space bar to pin the CSS window on your screen and easily compare styles.

How is this better than "Computed Styles"? CSS Scan retains original units and everything you need. "Computed Styles" often transforms units, leading to potential mobile compatibility issues.

Upgrade your CSS inspection and copying game with CSS Scan 3.0. Experience the speed, precision, and convenience that redefine how you interact with CSS.

Get CSS Scan 3.0 - Limited Time Offer!

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