How to Use Custom Font Google Fonts in Flutter - Introducing Google Fonts for Flutter

Hello guys, welcome back with me Abdul Aziz Ahwan, Google Developer YouTube channel just announced several new features, one of which caught my attention is the following new feature.

That's Google Fonts for Flutter. Google Fonts allows developers to easily experiment with and use any of the fonts from in their app. 
When the app is ready to publish, the developer then decides whether the user receives the font by downloading it from the API, or it’s pre-bundled with the app package. 

We have minimized the work needed to pre-bundle a font, and also kept it compatible with dynamic font loading so you don’t have to change your code if you decide to pre-bundle. (source)

So beforehand if using custom fonts, even Google fonts though we have to declare it in assets. And now we can use Google fonts directly from our style without the need to download and store them in assets. Look like this. 
Let's try the update feature.

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