How to Fix Intel HAXM Installation Error - This Computer Does Not Support Intel Virtualization Technology (VT-x) - Android Studio Tutorial

Hi everyone, my name is Abdul Aziz Ahwan from Indonesia and welcome back with me on YouTube. Today we are gonna talk about how to solve cannot Install Intel HAXM on Android Studio 3.0. But before we are going to the tutorial I’m very grateful if you want to click the subscribe button to make this channel growing up. Ok thank you so much and let’s get started with my tutorial.

Ok, first of all I want to say sorry for my english is not good so if the word I use are incorrect please help me to point out. So today we are going to solve cannot install Intel HAXM on Android Studio. In this section I use Android Studio 3.0.

Make sure you have installed Android Studio on your computer. And the open Android Studio, select SDK Manager and then select SDK Tools. And then we can select Intel HAXM. To install Intel HAXM select apply and agree. Wait until the installation is complete. But as we can see, the errory says this computer does not support Intel Virtualization Technology or maybe VT-x. We can read on the error message, that we must disable Hyper-V on my Windows. To disable Hyper-V, just press windows button on the keyboard and type Windows Features, and then we select and find Hyper-V. And uncheck on the Hyper-V. Ok just wait until process is done. And after that select reboot now.

After the restarting is complete. Just open Android Studio again, and select SDK Manager, SDK Tools and select Intel HAXM. Same with the before, select agree and wait until the installation is complete. Yeah, now Intel HAXM has been installed on my Android Studio.

To run Android Emulator, just open Command Prompt and write code like this. As we can see, Android Emulator can run on my Windows.
Ok I think enough tutorial in this time, if you have any questions or comment, write it down on the comment field. Thank you so much and see you again on the next video.

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