Introducing Craftable - Open Source Laravel CRUD Generator

Introducing Craftable - Open Source Laravel CRUD Generator

Craftable, the Laravel-based open-source toolkit for building administration interfaces, has been a game-changer for developers worldwide. Whether you're developing back-office systems, intranets, or CMS systems, Craftable offers a minimalistic template to kickstart your project efficiently.

Craftable administration area example

About Craftable

Craftable provides a sleek admin template based on CoreUI, a CRUD generator, authorization features, translations manager, and other helpful utilities to expedite your administration area development.


Explore our demo at to experience Craftable's capabilities firsthand:

  • Email:
  • Password: demo123

Made of Components

Craftable's modular design consists of several standalone packages with minimal dependencies, ensuring flexibility and efficiency:


Craftable requires PHP 7.4+ and supports MySQL 5.7+ and PostgreSQL 9.5+. Additionally, npm 5.3+ and node 8.4+ are needed for frontend assets.


New Craftable Project

To start a fresh Laravel project with Craftable, use our brackets/craftable-installer:

composer global require "brackets/craftable-installer"

Follow the prompts to set up your new Craftable project. You can opt for the latest Laravel version or the latest LTS version.

Add Craftable to Existing Project

Alternatively, integrate Craftable into your existing Laravel application:

composer require brackets/craftable
composer require --dev brackets/admin-generator
php artisan craftable:install


Once installed, navigate to /admin/login in your browser to access the login screen. Use the provided credentials to log in and explore the default homepage with menu items for managing access and translations.


Refer to our documentation for comprehensive guides on utilizing Craftable and its packages.

Where to Go Next?

Ready to start building your administration area? Check out our Admin Generator documentation to create CRUD interfaces for your Eloquent models quickly. For custom administration interfaces, explore the Admin UI package.

How to Contribute

Contributions to Craftable are welcome! Follow these steps to contribute:

  • Star the GitHub repository (optional)
  • Read the and
  • Create an issue or feature request on GitHub
  • Fork the repository, clone it, and create a new branch
  • Add your changes, commit them, and push to your fork
  • Submit a pull request for review


Craftable is released under the MIT License. Refer to the LICENSE file for more information.

Craftable PRO takes Laravel admin panel building to new heights with its premium features and fresh UI. Explore the possibilities and streamline your development workflow with Craftable today!

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