Meet AppFlowy - Open Source Notion Alternative

AppFlowy - Open Source Notion Alternative

In the dynamic world of wikis and project management, having a secure and versatile workspace is essential. AppFlowy stands out as an AI-powered, free, open-source, cross-platform, and offline-capable solution designed to empower you without compromising your data control.

What is AppFlowy?

AppFlowy is more than just a workspace; it's a secure haven for your wikis and projects. With its AI-powered features, AppFlowy helps you achieve more while ensuring the utmost privacy and data control.

Features that Set AppFlowy Apart

1. Extensibility and Customization

AppFlowy is not just a knowledge base; it's a customizable platform built on a community-driven open toolbox. Access a plethora of plugins, templates, themes, and more to tailor your workspace according to your unique needs.

2. Centralized Task and Project Management

Effortlessly manage your tasks, notes, and projects within a centralized platform. AppFlowy offers various visualization options, including tables, boards, calendars, and more, allowing you to organize and visualize your data effectively.

3. Easy-to-Use and Beautiful Interface

AppFlowy boasts an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing interface. Customize themes, colors, and fonts to match your preferences. Seamlessly switch between dark and light themes for a personalized experience.

4. AI-Powered Rich-Text Editor

Discover the full power of AI in a stunning rich-text editor without the hassle of tool switching. Enjoy the benefits of AI directly within AppFlowy, making your editing experience seamless and efficient.

5. Data Control and Privacy

AppFlowy puts you in control of your data. Unless specified otherwise, your data remains local and won't be sent to external AI service providers. Choose the AI service that aligns with your preferences, whether it's OpenAI or Stability AI.

6. End-to-End Encryption

Ensure the highest level of privacy and security for your data with AppFlowy's end-to-end encryption feature.

7. Offline Mode

AppFlowy goes beyond online constraints. Enjoy 100% offline functionality, allowing you to remain local and sync as needed. One account, any device – AppFlowy is always available.

8. Data Ownership

With AppFlowy, you own your data forever. Host AppFlowy wherever you prefer, eliminating any concerns about vendor lock-in.

AppFlowy for Mobile

Take your work on the go with AppFlowy's mobile version, ensuring you stay productive even when you're away from your desk.

Vibrant Community

AppFlowy is not just a tool; it's a vibrant community of over 5,000 members from 50 countries, with 240 contributors actively shaping its development. Built for the community, by the community, AppFlowy emphasizes collaboration and empowerment.

Join the AppFlowy Community

If you value privacy, customization, and community-driven development, AppFlowy is the workspace for you. Join the diverse community, contribute to the toolbox, and shape the future of secure workplace tools.

Do It Yourself with Developer Docs

AppFlowy believes in empowering users to design and modify the workspace according to their unique needs. Explore the Developer Docs and unlock endless possibilities to create your own system within AppFlowy.

Elevate Your Workspace with AppFlowy

AppFlowy is not just a workspace; it's a philosophy of empowerment, privacy, and collaboration. Take control of your data, customize your workspace, and join a community that values your individuality. Explore AppFlowy today and experience the freedom to create and collaborate without limits.

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