Unleash Your Potential: GitHub Certifications Now Open to All!

In the dynamic landscape of today's professional world, certifications are the keys that unlock a plethora of opportunities, propelling careers to new heights and elevating salaries. These credentials serve as a testament to skills during the hiring process, fuel increased productivity, and spark innovation within organizations. Excitingly, we are delighted to share that our GitHub Certification program, previously exclusive to employees and partners, is now accessible to everyone worldwide!

As of today, the registration site is open to all, marking the beginning of a journey to enhance your skills and expertise through our comprehensive certification programs.

Explore the GitHub Certification Paths:

  1. GitHub Foundations Certification: The GitHub Foundations certification program is tailored for those new to the GitHub platform. Gain proficiency in fundamental concepts and products, including git usage, repository management, commits, branching, merging, project management, open source contribution, and effective markdown usage. Explore the full curriculum here.

  2. GitHub Actions Certification: Dive into GitHub Actions with this certification, where you'll learn to automate software development workflows. Master building CD/CD pipelines, managing GitHub actions for enterprises, and more. Be the go-to person on your team for all things actions. Discover the full curriculum here.

  3. GitHub Advanced Security Certification: Secure your code with advanced features at every stage of the development lifecycle with the GitHub Advanced Security (GHAS) certificate. Tailored for enterprise developers, this certification covers secret scanning, code scanning with CodeQL, dependency management, and more on private repositories. View the full curriculum here.

  4. GitHub Administration Certification: Learn to maintain a healthy, robust, and secure GitHub environment that caters to your organization's needs with the GitHub Administration certificate. Dive into the complete curriculum here.

Study Guides for Success:

To aid your preparation, we've crafted detailed study guides for each certification program. Find them in this repository along with additional resources to ensure you're well-prepared for the exams.

Verified Credentials with Credly:

Upon successfully completing a certificate exam, you'll receive a Credly badge and certificate, providing tangible proof of your expertise in GitHub technologies.

We're thrilled for you to delve into the world of GitHub certifications. For any queries about the program, check out our FAQ page and the Candidate Handbook. The time to unlock your full potential is now – seize the opportunity and embark on your journey towards GitHub mastery!

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