TinaCMS: Empowering Collaboration Between Developers and Content Creators

TinaCMS - The Markdown CMS

TinaCMS is revolutionizing the world of content management systems (CMS) with its open-source, Git-backed, headless approach. This innovative platform strikes a harmonious balance between the needs of developers and content creators, fostering seamless collaboration and efficient workflows. In this comprehensive exploration of TinaCMS, we'll delve into its features, advantages, and the unique architecture that sets it apart.

Introduction to TinaCMS

At its core, TinaCMS is a Git-backed headless CMS designed to provide a unified platform for developers and content creators. This collaboration is made seamless through a custom visual editing experience tailored to the specific requirements of websites or applications. TinaCMS supports a wide range of content types, including Markdown, MDX, and JSON, giving developers flexibility in their content creation and management.

Advantages of TinaCMS

Git-based Content Management

TinaCMS leverages Git as the backbone for content and code management. This Git-based approach establishes a single source of truth, enhancing collaboration between developers and content editors. Every content change is committed directly to the repository, ensuring version control and a comprehensive content history.

Real-time Visual Editing

One of TinaCMS's standout features is real-time visual editing. Content creators can craft and edit content directly within the context of the website or application. Customizable content blocks empower editors to assemble pages intuitively, akin to using a site builder. Changes made by editors are previewed in real-time, providing a glimpse of the final output before publishing.

Control Over Content

TinaCMS adopts an open-source model, offering developers complete control and ownership over their content. The optional self-hosted backend provides peace of mind, eliminating concerns about vendor lock-in.


TinaCMS is engineered for scalability, catering to projects of varying sizes. Whether a site has hundreds or tens of thousands of pages, TinaCMS ensures optimal performance. Its powerful query capabilities, facilitated by a unique data layer, make Markdown content as flexible and queryable as if it were in a traditional database.

TinaCMS: Your Website and Headless CMS

With TinaCMS, the developer has the freedom to host the site wherever they choose, using the framework that best suits their needs. TinaCMS operates as a "Headless CMS," meaning it is decoupled from the website. It provides a queryable content API that the website's code consumes.

The CMS Backend

The TinaCMS backend serves as the API for querying content, supporting features such as filtering, searching, and pagination. Noteworthy aspects include:

  • Git-backed Content: All content is backed by Git into JSON, Markdown, or MDX files.
  • Tina Cloud: TinaCMS offers an out-of-the-box hosted version of the backend, known as Tina Cloud.
  • Self-hosted Backend: For those desiring more control and customization, TinaCMS allows hosting the backend on your own stack.

The CMS Frontend

TinaCMS provides an intuitive CMS interface for content editors. For websites using React, TinaCMS supports "Visual Editing," enabling content editors to witness real-time changes.

/admin Route

Users interact with the CMS by navigating to the /admin page on the site.


When users make changes in the CMS, a commit is created and pushed back to the Git repository, ensuring a robust version control mechanism.

Integrating TinaCMS into a Site

Integrating TinaCMS into a site is a straightforward process accomplished with tinacms init. This installs necessary Tina packages and adds boilerplate to facilitate seamless integration.

Running TinaCMS Locally

Developers have the flexibility to run TinaCMS locally, sourcing files from their local environment. This offers an ultra-fast feedback loop, enhancing the development experience.

Content Modelling

Content in TinaCMS is modeled using a tina/config.ts file in the project. This configuration allows developers to define "collections" that model various content types on the site.


TinaCMS provides a GraphQL API for efficient and powerful data-fetching.


A user-friendly client is generated by TinaCMS, simplifying the process of querying content.


Emphasizing type safety, TinaCMS ensures that content queries remain error-free and consistent, improving code reliability and maintainability.


TinaCMS emerges as a powerful ally for developers and content creators, fostering collaboration and efficiency. Its Git-backed, headless architecture, coupled with real-time visual editing and scalability features, positions TinaCMS as a versatile solution for projects of all sizes. With complete control over content and the option for self-hosting, TinaCMS represents a paradigm shift in content management.

Explore the possibilities of TinaCMS, where developers and content creators unite to create exceptional digital experiences.

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