Hanko - Open Source Authentication

Hanko Open Source Authentication

Say farewell to traditional passwords and embark on a journey of seamless user authentication with Hanko—an open-source, lightweight solution designed to revolutionize your authentication experience.

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Quickstarts: Effortless Integration with Your Favorite Frameworks

Getting started with Hanko is a breeze, thanks to our quickstarts tailored to your favorite frameworks.

  • Next.js: Enhance your Next.js app's security with Hanko authentication.

  • React: Safeguard your React application by seamlessly integrating Hanko authentication.

  • Nuxt: Dive into secure and hassle-free authentication for your Nuxt app.

  • Svelte: Elevate your Svelte app's security with Hanko authentication.

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Features: Elevating Authentication Beyond Passwords

Unlock a range of cutting-edge features that redefine user authentication:

  • Passkeys: Embrace passkeys—a password-free approach to signing in.

  • Mobile App Biometrics: Modernize authentication for iOS and Android apps with Hanko.

  • Passcodes: Verify identity without the need for passwords using passcodes.

  • OAuth Login: Boost conversion rates with sign-in options for popular third-party identity providers.

Experience the future of authentication with Hanko—where security meets simplicity. Dive into the era of password-free sign-ins and elevate your user authentication game! 🌐🔒

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