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Hello everyone, My name is Abdul Aziz Ahwan from Indonesia and welcome back to my YouTube channel. As a content creator, the primary must-have tool for me is a screen recorder. Screen recorder has a very crucial role because I use it to record all the activities I do on the screen. Especially when making programming tutorial videos. So that my audience can follow the steps I do.

In my opinion, the screen recorder should at least be light when running because when making video tutorials, many programs are running simultaneously. But still, having good image quality should not be forgotten. In addition, it should also be available for various operating systems. Such as Windows and MacOS.

And to answer my needs, my choice is EaseUS RecExperts, a screen recording software made by EaseUS, a well-known company producing productivity-supporting software. EaseUS RecExperts works very well, without any lag issues. It is quite simple to use - we just click record button. 

We can also edit or trim our screen recording while recording the screen, add intro and end screen. So, it is great for YouTuber, content creator like me, teachers, trainers, small business owners and individuals to create videos. Once the recording is done, we can add watermark to our video as well.

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