Firebase Cloud Firestore Import Export JSON CSV Data with Ease | Refi App GUI tool for Firestore

How do we Import Export JSON CSV Data to Firebase Cloud Firestore?

Importing or exporting data to or from Firebase is not easy. There's a lots of tutorials, but almost all of them use node js scripts. In my opinion, import and export matters don't have to be complicated like this.

But everything changed when I found Refi App.

What's a Refi App? 

Refi App It's a tool to give developers less pain when developing applications with Firestore. Save more time to focus on building applications instead of playing with Firebase's poor UI. You can query, insert, monitor, and migrate with our new awesome client that solves it all.

Features: (Interacting with Firestore made easy)

- Table view, update in realtime

- Use VSCode to create and edit document

- Built for Developers

- Preview changes before commit

- Realtime update

- Export as JSON, CSV

- Import from JSON, CSV

- Querying/Sorting

- Detect Field Type

- Search documents

🌐 Refi App

Website ►

Github ► 

If you want to see how easy it is importing and exporting data to Cloud Firestore, you can check the following video.

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