How to Stay Productive in the Age of Social Distancing and Work from Home with Posters App

Hello guys, how are you today? 
I'm Abdul Aziz Ahwan from Indonesia. Welcome back to my YouTube channel. We know today's world demands that we do social distancing and work from home. But we realize that some works are not possible to do at home. Even though it looks trivial, some people need to adapt to do work from home. Social adaptation, technical adaptation, and changing our habits, of course. 

On this day, work from home is very possible to do. Considering that there are so many applications that we can use to help us to work from home. One of the many applications that I will recommend this time is Posters.

Posters App solves the following every day’s tasks for businesses, bloggers, influencers, even ordinary people use it on social media.
  1. Creating a beautiful feed post. There are templates with headings, text samples, unique photo grids.
  2. Highlighting relevant information in Stories. Designs with frames, texts, headings are available in the app.
  3. Tell more with carousel post. Posters have templates for carousel post: for feed’s and for story’s format.
  4. Getting the user’s attention for the post. There are unique GIF stickers that make the post stand out from the crowd.
  5. Making the pictures more emotional with flat stickers and decor elements.
  6. Protecting our content with watermark templates.
  7. Creating their own designs in a few steps. There are awesome backgrounds, frames, and lines packs.
  8. Quickly adding text to the photo.
  9. Creating animated templates. You can quickly adjust the animation effect.
  10. GIF stickers and much more.

Posters consists of hundreds of ready-to-use banners and templates for events, announcements, photo collages, advertisements, product promotion, blog posts, quotes, etc.
Perfect for any person that needs a wide range of options right from their phone, bypassing the need for a computer or having to hire an expensive designer.

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