Create a Coronavirus Covid-19 Tracker App Realtime Data - Volley Fetch REST API in Android Studio

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Hi everyone, I am  @Abdul Aziz Ahwan. In this post, we are going to Create a Coronavirus Covid-19 Tracking App Realtime REST API JSON Data from Scratch using Volley Library in Android Studio. 

Data is always updated regularly
Public JSON API obtained from ►
NovelCOVID-API Github repository for the JSON API ►

Another reference
John Hopkins University & Medicine ►

ItemClickSupport Code
Link ►

Android Studio
Link ►

📱 APK file
Link ►

🎨 Project Assets
Link ►

Volley Library
Link ►

Code Changes
- Detail Case ►
- CountryFlag ►
- Filter RecyclerView ►
- Sort Alphabetically ►

Part 1 - Create a Coronavirus Covid19 Tracker App

Part 2 - Add Case Details Every Country

Part 3 - Add Country Flag for Each Country

Part 4 - Add Filter a Country in RecyclerView with SearchView

Part 5 - Sorting JSON ArrayList Alphabetically

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